Stationery for Transportation Design abroad: Be wise, buy it in India!



After going through the tedious  process, I am finally a transportation design student in a college outside India. No, this is not another post on procedures to be followed for getting into  design school, or the work required to be done for improving a portfolio. There are much bigger people who have written posts after posts on those topics because of which, many students, especially from India, including me, have been able to embark on their journey towards becoming a transportation designer.

So, as the title says, I’m going to list out the articles of stationery required in design school. If you want to save a few bucks, do buy them in India, as you get almost the same brands of stationery (after some searching) back in India. I cannot really comment on the difference in quality of the stationery, as I have purchased these only abroad (Since most of the articles might be imported, the quality should remain the same). So you can make up some space in your luggage for these tools (I know, I know, all of us have to literally move to another city abroad).

Disclaimer: I’m listing out the items for helping other students, I don’t get paid by anyone for writing this. Also, another disclaimer: These are the stationery  asked to bought by my college. A few items or brands may differ for your college, watch out for that!

  1. Stabilo 750 Pencil (Black) 12 Nos. box.
  2. Stabilo 390 Pencil (Indigo)
  3. Mechanical Pencil 0.3mm lead ( Staedtler/Pentel)
  4. Pencil Sharpener (Box helical type)
  5. Eraser (Staedtler)
  6. Eraser Pen (thin, square cross section) (Mono zero brand)
  7. Eraser Pen refills
  8. Art Eraser (Staedtler)
  9. COPIC Alcohol Markers (Chisel tip+ Pointy tip combo) :                          Full Grayscale (C0 to C10) + Refills (as and when you may need).    Full Colour set (72 Markers) buy these only after consulting your faculty as they are expensive, but definitely an investment. Neutral Marker, Toner Marker, Blender Marker (Colourless). Copics are expensive markers. There are other brands also, but professors usually suggest these. Also, since they are refillable, consider these as your long term investment.
  10. Colour pastels (Buy together with Copic color marker set after carefully matching each marker colour with the respective pastel colour, as you may need to use each on the same sketch)
  11. Box-cutter knife: This is used to sharpen pastels)
  12. Cotton discs (ones used by the ladies for make-up): You can very well buy these at the super market. These are used to blend the colours by smudging.
  13. Talcum powder
  14. Designer shapes (consult your professor before buying these, can be pretty expensive)
  15. French curves set
  16. WACOM Tablet ( Consult your professor for which model to buy. Consider the Price Vs. Usability Break even point) I have a basic Wacom ONE 7″ Tablet. But we use the higher end Intuos 5″ in the college. Being expensive, this also is a long term
  17. Gouache: Jet Black Colour, and Permanent white colour.
  18. Fine Brushes: Sizes 2,1,0,00,000 for painting reflections and highlights on your sketches.
  19. Your require to use a lot of paper (A3, B4, depending on the instruction of your professor). So be ready to sketch day in and out, non- stop.

This pretty much sums it up. Some of the above articles like Wacom Tablet, Copic Markers, Pencils, Erasers, Sharpener,  pastels are better bought in India, as they might be cheaper. Others like design shapes, french curves, paper, cotton discs, talcum powder are better bought in the location (more convenient!)

All the best!





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