Illustration #2

I took more time to complete this car than for the previous illustration because I invested some more time in reproducing the details. Hope they look realistic enough.

This old-timer BMW was an attempt in achieving sharper contrast in my illustrations.

The causes and solutions to low contrast in my previous illustration of the Jaguar ( according to my professor) are given below:

  1. Yellowish Canson sketching paper
  2. Wrong pencil technique

To correct the first cause, I took a stock (Bluish) white 120gsm copier paper so that it can withstand the torture while I try to achieve the blacks on the smoother side of the paper.

To take care of the second cause, I used two pencils instead of one; in alternation. The pencils I use start waxing when I rub them too much to produce a black, this simply burns them out, and you don’t get the required contrast. Instead, when you use two pencils in alternation, it gives the other pencil some time to cool off. Also, sharp tips produce the maximum black, so don’t be shy to sharpen them often.

Tip: Use Intense white guache with a 000 size brush to add sparkle to the chrome bits on your illustrated car.

For the next pencil illustration, I’ve chosen a Lamborghini Aventador. Enjoy!



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