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Aditya Mantha BMW


What is in store for the automobile sector?

With the trending news about the Tesla Model 3 and people flocking outside its offices to book it, it has been announced that within  a span of 24 hours, 198,000 people pre-ordered the affordable electric Model 3, which is to hit production in 2017.

All major automakers have started making plans of producing electric vehicles with innovative technologies. There are now concepts of all electric sports cars.  Questions such as ‘Is electric the next big trend?’  ‘How much can we rely on this Autonomous driving?’are becoming commonplace and these phenomena are becoming topics of intense debates on dining tables.

These are exciting times for the automotive sector. The future is blurred. Technology is progressing at an unimaginable pace. On one hand, they are developing futuristic personal mobility technology and on the other, remarkable mass mobility projects such as Hyperloop are being realised.

This is the time to worry about and innovate in interlinked fields such as electric energy infrastructure, break even cost for going electric as against choosing fossil fuel power, or thinking about the change in toxicity levels if we opt for electric vehicles and mass manufacturing of high density batteries.

Is this going to be an era of mass electric mobility? There are a lot of things to ponder upon, some known and many unforeseen.


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