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Mini Cooper Pacman. Sorry, Paceman.

This was the homework submission for today’s sketching class, where peer-peer evaluation of the sketch-work happens.

Below, is the monochrome sketch of the Mini Cooper Pacman ūüėČ (Actually it’s Paceman)


And, the work for some interior sketching:


After these two sketches, I understood that my interior sketch lacks a bit of contrast, which could be brought about by some generous usage of markers. So, from next time onwards, I’m going to make some mistakes in marker rendering. Because, only after making mistakes, can we understand how not to make them!

We are also asked to make sketches of industrial/ product design objects and architecture sketches, which helps us improve our  perspective.

So long then!

Illustration- an exercise in mindfulness

Illustration on paper is something which requires mindfulness. You have to be true to the reference which you’re illustrating. Reproducing the details, the highlights, the reflections, the shadows is not just plain copying. Only after understanding the distance, shape and the interaction which the background¬†has with the reflective surface, can we reproduce the detail true to the reference. The contrast and perspective also play a big role to make the object visibly dramatic, and convey the emotion. My first try at illustration- an exercise in mindfulness.


Jaguar E-type Light weight.